Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Beginner

Heyy there !!
Firstly i wanna introduce myself to yall...ok, i am Zulaiqa Yusoff...if youre not from Malaysia,
u guys can call me Julie..if youre from Malaysia u guys can call me Zulaiqa. Ok, i am 12 years old n gonna be 13 this 1st of May ! that's my birthday. i am Convent Secondary School student, n i am a HUGE BIG AWESOME GREAT #1 fan of MICHAEL JACKSON n JUSTIN BIEBER !!! hehe, i really love them not just because theyre awesome but because their songs n personality r veryyyy...verryyyy,,,,verrryyyyy cool n awesome...haha !! i dont know what to say...u guys can add me on n also follow me on twitter @l0veuJBnMJ, add me o facebook, Zulaiqa Yusoff, on friendster, Zulaiqa Yusoff n on msn, thats all i can say...
anyway, thanxx 4 those who know, thanxx for the supports n i love yall !!!
Zulaiqa Yusoff

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